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what if you injected brownie mix into your bloodstream like since your body temp is like 98 the brownies would cook over a few days and then you will have clumps in your arms and you just cut it open and eat the brownies i should be a scientist

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oh my god

so last night i had a dream where i had a cute boyfriend


he was attractive and did adorable shit

like one time he got a flower stuck in his hair and he put it in my hair

and he would hold me and stuff

but then i realized no one will ever love me

forever available

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During the last chorus of Small Bump, Ed started to get choked up and couldn’t sing. He stepped back and started crying a bit, and the audience took over for him. The fact that we didn’t scream the lyrics or scream at him was amazing to me; the sound of the crowd was angelic as we sang the rest of the chorus for him. If there were any doubts that he was crying, at the end of this song, he jumped right into the next song, playing the guitar. But he stopped playing after about two seconds and went, “alright, sorry.” 

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